Sculpture Packing and Moving Service in Bangalore

Sculpture Packing and Moving Service in Bangalore

Sharma is specialized and experienced in offering Sculpture shifting service and are renowned in offering expert team offering packers and movers services for safety. Our team is qualified in offering such services at a very affordable price.

1.       What kind of Sculpture Packaging Services are Provided by Your Moving Company?

Over the years being in Shifting Business we have encountered my opportunity to offer Sculpture packaging services. We in our 20 years in relocation business have packed and handled almost all kinds of Sculptures be it Packing of Wooden Sculpture, Marble or Stone Sculpture, Metal Sculptures and even Glass Sculpture. So, it has never been a problem with packing just about any kind of material Sculpture.

2.       How do you ensure safety while packing Sculpture?

We as a professional Packaging company have clients looking to ship them across world and definitely asking us to offer best of service and provide maximum security during transportation. We as a packaging company believes that use of best quality packaging material bring maximum safety. So, we use high quality Bubble sheet, corrugated roll and Stretch wrap the Sculpture.  We also use fillers to restrict the movement inside the box and strap them firmly.

3.       Do you offer Sculpture transportation as well?

Yes, definitely clients are always looking for total moving package; so far we have moved more than 250 Sculptures across india in various sizes.

4.       Who are your clients for Sculpture Packing and Moving Services?

We cannot name any specific company as it violates our company policy. However we offer our packaging services for Sculpture makes, Sculpture Shops and also Individual customers during home shifting and looking to gift Sculpture to their loved Ones.

5.       Does Size of the Sculpture matters for Shipping?

Our moving company will pack just about any size of Sculpture ranging from 1 foot to 4 feet in height for shipping.

So, we are looking forward to offer our best estimate for Sculpture packing and moving. You can always contact us at- 9341321545 for best Moving Estimate.

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